Sept. 12, 2022

The Branded Athlete - Ep.8

The Branded Athlete - Ep.8

If you are at a point in life where you are beginning your wealth journey and want to learn to craft your personal brand, then this episode is for you! The Branded Athlete is real talk about leveraging athletes’ personal brands to drive wealth creation. Rey shares her real-life experiences on how she goes about defining her personal values to establish her personal brand. She also shares critical facts about athletes' importance in pursuing this business opportunity. Finally, Rey wraps up the episode with 3 actionable steps for you to successfully brand yourself as an athlete:

  1. Wealth builds financial security and personal branding is a means for athletes to build their wealth
  2. Determine your core values to establish your personal brand.
  3. Take action and create something tangible tied to your branding to form future wealth.

Hold the Mic: Book- Athletes Are Brands Too: How Brand Marketing Can Save Today's Athlete


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[2] Financial Planning for Professional Athletes: An Inside Look

[3] Why Personal Branding is Essential for Pro Athletes | Henry Kaminski Jr

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