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Rey is a great host and even greater person

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rey since High school and I can honestly say that she has been such a kind human being. Sharing my experience of being a student athlete with her has been beneficial for myself and I hope that it will impact others that have a listen as well.

Enlightening Experience

I was privileged to be a guest on the Podcast as part of the Real Talk segment. My conversation with Rey was truly an eye-opening experience and I felt as though she was really able to connect with my experiences as an athlete and underdog. Growth on the Daily is an amazing podcast and recommend everyone, athlete and non-athlete, to check it out and enjoy!

Awesome podcast!

Great podcast, good perspective from local athletes

Just what we all needed!

They say that everything happens for a reason and this podcast came into my life at the exact right time. Rey is an amazing, insightful, and educated host! She not only brings enthusiasm, but valuable advice and expert opinions. She has not only given me ways to be a better person, but she has also brought to light opinions and perspectives that I had not considered. I am a huge fan of the podcast and I strongly believe you will be too! P.S. you should also check out Rey’s old podcast “Interrupting Sports”. TONS of great content, super educational, and a lot of fun!