March 2, 2023

Real Talk with Brandon Tang - Ep. 27

Real Talk with Brandon Tang - Ep. 27

This week on Real Talk, I had the privilege of interviewing Brandon Tang, a track athlete for the University of Toronto. In this episode, Brandon teaches us how to navigate student-athlete life. Listen to the full interview as we cover the following topics:

  1. Transitioning from team to solo sports
  2. Day in the life as a student-athlete
  3. Navigating academic and athletic performance pressure
  4. Reflecting on experiences for growth
  5. Balancing sports and academics
  6. Advice for student athletes

Background on Brandon Tang:

Brandon Tang is no typical athlete! He is an academic scholar studying computer science and statistics at the University of Toronto and a multi-sport athlete. Brandon began his athletic career playing hockey for over 12 years and made it to the prep school level at Milton academy in the ISL. Later, he transitioned to an elite track athlete and helped land UofT 2nd place in the country.

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