Sept. 19, 2022

Handle Your Bread - Ep.9

Handle Your Bread - Ep.9

If you are at a point in life where you are overwhelmed by navigating your personal finances, then this episode is for you! Handle Your Bread is real talk about the importance of athletes developing their financial literacy. Rey shares her real-life experiences on how she goes about defining her managing her money system. She also shares key facts about the importance for athletes to understand the ins and outs of their wealth system. Finally, Rey wraps up the episode with 3 actionable steps for you to successfully brand yourself as an athlete:

  1. Commit to becoming financially literate
  2. Educate yourself and understand your money habits
  3. Take action and create a sustainable plan to reach your financial goals

Hold the Mic:

[1] Minority Mindset

[2] Money After Graduation

[3] Money Under 30


[1]  Why do professional athletes go broke? | Fox Business

[2] 5 things athletes and entertainers who lost all their money did wrong, according to a financial advisor who knows

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