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Asa Tam

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Coach Asa is an intuitive and knowledgeable professional with more than a decade of coaching experience under his belt. Asa began his coaching career at Brigham Young University - Hawaii; training and developing athletes across 11 different sports, while navigating the NCAA landscape and earning his bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sport Science. He returned to Canada in 2013 and soon established himself as one of the premier performance coaches in the GTA.

Over the years, Asa has developed and prepared dozens of athletes for a career in both collegiate and professional athletics. As the Director of Performance at PHYSELITE, Asa has assembled a talented team of coaches that shares his passion and value for developing athletes and helping them achieve their goals.

Real Talk

Ep.14 Real Talk with Asa Tam

Nov. 17, 2022

This week on Reel Talk, I had the privilege of interviewing my former strength and conditioning coach, and long-time friend, Asa Tam. In this episode, Asa teaches us all how we can do better as coaches, parents, and athletes…

Guest: Asa Tam