July 25, 2022

Ep.1 A Journey to Self-Discovery

If you are at a point in life where you want to learn to actively explore and uncover who you are, then this episode is for you! A Journey to Self-Discovery uncovers the personal benefits of learning about who you are in order to determine where you must...

If you are at a point in life where you want to learn to actively explore and uncover who you are, then this episode is for you! A Journey to Self-Discovery uncovers the personal benefits of learning about who you are in order to determine where you must go.

Rey shares elements of sports psychology that reveal the positive effect that self-awareness in athletes has on their athletic performance. She also shares her insight and experience as she began her journey to self-discovery while reading the book 101 Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Twenties. Finally, Rey wraps up the episode with 3 actionable steps to begin your personal growth journey:

  1. Acknowledge the importance of knowing who you are and who you are striving to become
  2. Become curious and create the space to learn about yourself using books, questionnaires, your social circles, and podcasts 
  3. Walk the walk by adjusting your actions to align with your future self


1] Positive Psychology

2] Calm Sage

3] Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jenn Cumming 

4] allgroanup.com

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Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to Growth on the Daily, the personal development podcast for athletes. My name is Reyanna Lambie and I'm your host. I'm a former competitive hockey player and I'm passionate about self-growth, and I'm here today to support you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

With the Growth on the Daily podcast, guys, we're diving in every single week to some form of personal development and we're tailoring it right to you athletes. So before we dive into this episode, first I just want to welcome all new listeners and just direct you guys to our social media @growthonthedaily, on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and on YouTube.

And with that, let's dive right into the episode.

 This week's episode is titled A Journey to Self Discovery. So this fits in our Seven Specialties for Success, which we define as social growth, emotional growth, physical growth, mental growth, spiritual growth, business, and financial growth. Those are our Seven Specialties for Success. And this week we're focusing on spiritual growth guys, a journey to self-discovery.

So if you are an individual who is maybe unsure of their next steps in life, or maybe just looking to understand who they really are, then this episode is for you. So now let's hear from the experts.

No Cap, All Facts

So when I did my research, looking back to various concepts, when it comes to self-discovery, I asked myself three questions. The first one is what is self-discovery? What does that mean? And through that research, I came across. positivepsychology.com. That's a website where they have several different psychologists writing blogs and reports and papers on various topics. 

On the topic of self-discovery, I found the following quote, which I think defined self-discovery perfectly. It stated that "Self-discovery is part of a process of searching for our true selves. It says that we are ultimately working to identify three different things. The first personal potentials, the second, our purpose for living and three opportunities to act upon those potentials and purposes and living". 

So really it's two things. And then the combination of the two, and I think that the defines self-discovery perfectly because, at the end of the day, those are the three facets, which identify who we are and who we are trying to become. So that's when we're talking about self-discovery in this episode, that's what we're getting towards guys.

We're talking about who are we and where are we trying to go. Now you might be thinking to yourself. Okay, that's great. But why is self-discovery even important?  I think I know who I am. I kind of know what I like and what I don't like. Well, it's extremely crucial and to your benefit to go down this journey of self-discovery, very intentionally and with purpose, and the reason is looking to calmsage.com. 

They posted a report that essentially helped identify a few reasons why the search for thy self is so important and the top five reasons are being able to identify your purpose in life. Oftentimes you hear, what is your purpose? What do you want to accomplish in life? Who do you want to become? So this self-discovery journey helps you answer that question. We're going to dive into more, a little bit of what that purpose might look like and might mean to you. But I just want the service level that for now. 

A second important factor that was mentioned in this article was the ability to identify your motivation in life through self-discovery. If you're trying to push yourself to achieve goals, knowing what motivates you is ultimately only going to be to your benefit to achieving those goals later on. 

A third benefit is being able to identify your needs and wants and desires, right? Whether that's for yourself or with other people, if you're in a business relationship, a romantic relationship and people ask you what are you looking for with your time here? Or how can I help you? You need to be able to answer those questions. You need to be able to say, "Hey, this is what I'm looking for. This is who I am, and this is what I'm working towards". And if you can't, then you're definitely in the right space to be starting your self-growth journey. 

A fourth reason that was mentioned was passion. So there's actually a difference between purpose and passion. You have to be able to identify what you're working towards and what fuels you every day. And what brings you joy. What brings you joy is the passion. Purpose is impact. So you're looking at passion versus impact and how you can maybe marry those two.

And then the fifth reason I think is actually extremely important. It's the ability to identify your mental capacity. We all have a mental capacity. We can't just be go, go, go 24/7 all the time. There comes an extent where we have to say, this is my limit. And being able to recognize that limit is only going to be to your benefit, especially when it comes to avoiding things like burnout. Leading to things like anxiety and depression. So mental capacity extremely important to identify. 

So those are a few reasons: purpose, motivation, needs, wants and desires, passion, and mental capacity that tell you right off the bat- okay, maybe I should start down this self-discovery journey. 

The last thing I looked at is what does self-discovery have to do with athletes? Why do you guys have to care about self-discovery? Well, I actually looked into Dr. Jen Cumming who's a sports psychologist and she posted a great report online that actually talks about why it's crucial for athletes to know who they are specifically going through some sort of intentional self-discovery journey. And I'm going to read to you a quote that's listed in that report because I think it sums it up perfectly into why you guys should care about this topic. 

So sports psychologist, Dr. Jen Cumming says "a lack of self-awareness may lead athletes to struggle, to regulate their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors as well as self-control when needed. It may even cost an athlete by letting negative thoughts or emotions, spiral out of control and getting distracted".

 What Dr. Jen Cumming is saying here is that if you don't know who you are, that's going to impede where you're trying to go. And where are you trying to go is directly impacted and related to your performance as an athlete. So you will be a better performer if you know your strengths your weaknesses, where you have those opportunities, maybe where those threats may lie. So that's why athletes. Calling out, you guys make sure you take this seriously understanding who you are and you're making the time for that.

So now that we've heard the facts we've heard from the experts. Let's hear my take because I'd love to share with you guys how I go about my journey through self-discovery. 

Rey's Remedy

So I'm going to share with you three things in Rey's Remedy today. The first is recognizing first that I was unhappy with where I was at in life. And that's what actually piqued my interest into this self-discovery journey. In my last semester of my university education, I kind of knew where I was taking my next steps career wise and I knew what kind of life I'm trying to work towards generally speaking, mostly arbitrary terms like I want to be successful. I want to make an impact. I want to be proud of the person I'm becoming. I want to help others, but that's very general. It wasn't specific to me. And I realized I couldn't actually work towards those quote-on-quote arbitrary "goals" because they weren't really well-defined. 

So, that piqued my interest into looking into self-discovery and say, "Hey, how can I even figure this out?" So that's when I started looking at things like books, podcasts, questionnaires really taking the time to reflect on my experiences on how I interact with other people interact with myself. So that was the first key.

And that's what I would say I recommend for you guys is just take a look in the mirror and say, where are you at right now? And is this a place where you may have to actually take some time to figure out who you are. Or maybe you have a great idea of where you're going, who you are and how to get there. That's great! Just keep doing what you're doing and honestly, on the way, help others out too!

A second thing that I recognize on this journey to self-discovery was the importance to make time and space, to think and reflect.  I recently came back from solo traveling in Southeast Asia. So I left for about a month and a bit to go to Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore to explore the world. I'm a big traveler. I love seeing different parts of the world. I love being exposed to culture. And probably most importantly, I love food, so that was a great time of my life. 

But, before I left for my trip, I said, let's be intentional about this trip. It's not just about getting away. It's not just a grad trip to myself. It's not just to explore. It's also to uncover who I am. So I made the time to sit in silence, to reflect on my experiences, to journal when I had the chance, to just sit there and say, "Hey, this is what my life has looked like what do I like about this? What don't I like about this? What could I have done differently? If I can do that again, what would I do? And should I do it again?"

So those kinds of questions and having the space to block out the noise by being away from my lifestyle actually helped me answer those questions. And I actually realized so many things. I was able to let things go that in the moment seemed like the world when really, it really wasn't that big of a deal when you take a step back and say, okay, you're okay. 

The second thing that happened - it allowed me to discover new things and say, "Hey, you know what, I'm actually not doing this for the right reasons and maybe I shouldn't be doing this". And that's a hard conversation to have with yourself, especially if you are someone who is just so deep into putting the work in and you don't want to see that work go nowhere. So, if that's the case for you, I understand, but you can't be fearful of that work. You're only better off for putting the work that you did. It's not a reflection of yourself that you're taking a new turn. So recognize that success has many definitions and you have to understand what that definition is to you and in varying circumstances. 

The third thing I would say is once you've done that contemplation answered those questions, or maybe you're on that journey. The next step is to have some sort of action plan and actually act because you can say, I realize  I'm this kind of person who likes to help people who likes to speak to people and it'd be really cool if I had a podcast and was working on my self-branding and I was helping others because that's what I think I really love to do.

You say that, and you make no steps to doing that. But you also have to recognize that if you never make those steps, even one step a day,  then you're never going to get there and it doesn't matter what that looks like for you.  Athletes, if you're talking about game performance, maybe for you, that's setting a record, making the top line,  for your team, whatever that looks like. If you're not working to correct those mistakes to improve every single day, you're not going to reach that goal. And that journey starts with self-reflection. Where am I at now? Where am I trying to go? So that's what I would say is my  take on self-reflection. Recognize where you are now, making the time and space to reflect, and three making an action plan to go about solving that. 

Okay, guys, enough, talk for me. Now it's time for a quick shoutout.

Hold the Mic

For those of you starting your personal growth journey, I would highly recommend the book 101 Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Twenties (and let's be honest in your thirties too). It's by Paul Angone. I read it while I was traveling and it was a great book to honestly, call yourself out and ask the really hard questions, to reflect on your life and figure out where you're trying to go. So, Paul  Angone is an author. He's also the creator of allgrownup.com. He has a great blog on there. A few books, actually and a podcast, so lots of content there for self-discovery would highly recommend that.

Anyways, guys know you what let's wrap this episode up.

Meaningful Mentions

All right guys. So key takeaways from this episode one, you must acknowledge the importance of knowing who you are and who you're striving to become. So acknowledge the fact that self-discovery is important and you should care about that. 

And two, you have to be curious, you have to be like, you know what? I actually should be making the time and the space to learn about myself, right? Whether that's reading books, doing questionnaires, speaking to people in your social circles to learn about you, learn about them, listening to podcasts, whatever that looks like for you, be curious about you. 

And the third thing is guys, adjust your actions to align with your future self. You have to walk the walk. If you're doing yourself reflection and you're making those changes then that self-reflection is relevant. So we reflect and we adjust, we goal set and we take the necessary steps to reach our  📍 goals.

Quality Quote

 Because we want to kick off the week with some inspiration on your self-discovery journey, I bring to you this quote from Aristotle, "knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom". So I hope you guys take that with you throughout the week and on your journey to  self-discovery.


 All right, guys, that wraps up this episode. I want to thank you guys for taking the time to tune in and listen to the very first episode of Growth on the Daily, the podcast for personal development for athletes. 

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