Aug. 5, 2022

The First Step to Committing to Your Personal Growth Journey

The First Step to Committing to Your Personal Growth Journey

InEp 2. Committing to Growth, I outline the various areas of growth that we can all work on to become the best versions of ourselves. I explain how you can narrow your focus on your goals and define which area(s) of personal growth to commit to first. In an effort to help you guys further apply the concepts I cover on the show, the goal of this blog post is to answer the following questions:

  1. Why should you commit to growth?
  2. Which areas can you grow? 
  3. How do you decide which area(s) to focus on?

Make sure to check out episode 2herebefore you read this post. Then come back here and apply the concepts below!

Why commit to growth? 

Imagine this! You wake up every day lifeless, you skip breakfast, live on caffeine, and struggle to make it through the rest of your day. You are exhausted and unmotivated. Every experience feels unfulfilling. Then you head back to bed to repeat it all over again the next day. This is an extreme example, but I have a strong feeling that we can all relate to having days like this where we just don’t see the point in what we do anymore. 

It is days like those ones when you realize the consequences of staying in your comfort zone. If you settle for mediocrity, not only will those pointless days accumulate, but you will continue to realize the same results. 

Committing to growth is about pushing yourself to be a better version of yourself. It is about learning about the type of person you can become. When you push your limits, you will create a better life for yourself and improve your relationships, your health, and your lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want that?! 

The reality is that everyone wants to realize their potential, but unfortunately, most never get there because they lack the tools to cultivate the mindset that is necessary to stay the course when committing to growth. 

To mitigate this gap, Growth on the Daily aims to support athletes on their journey to achieving personal success. Now, let’s take the first step and define where to grow!

Where can you grow?

As explained in episode 2, the Seven Specialties for Success identifies 7 areas of personal growth to focus our commitment to growth. The key here is to identify 1 or 2 areas that you are most keen to improve on in your life. It’s essential to concentrate on only a few areas because too much change at once makes you less likely to sustain those new habits and practices. 

We want the better version of you to be a change for life! So take your time and identify which of the Seven Specialities For Success need to be your priority to address. 

Click image to expand 

How to narrow your focus? 

Blank Paper Slate Strategy 

InEp 2. Committing to Growth, I revealed one of my favourite techniques to unscramble my thoughts, goals, and to-dos. I call this theBlank Paper Slate Strategy. No matter who you are or what your life circumstances are if you need to figure out your priorities whether that is narrowing your focus to one of the Seven Specialties for Sucess or something entirely unrelated follow the steps below! 


1) Grab a blank piece of paper and a pen




2) Put your favourite music on and put your phone aside 




3) Fill the page with whatever comes to mind until your mind is clear. Think of your goals, habits, lifestyle, ambitions, thoughts, and to-dos!



4) Take a step back a take a look at the page 




5) Circle or highlight common themes in the topics (refer back to the Seven Specialities for Success infographic)




6) The most reoccurring topics or the words with the most emphasis (cue bold, underlines, and exclamation points) are your priorities


Congrats! You’ve got your priorities straight now take a moment to applaud yourself for taking the first step to committing to growth. 

I hope this blog post inspired you to Learn, Grow, and Thrive by committing to your growth, understanding where you can grow, and narrowing your focus!

Leave a comment below with a list of your new priorities. I’d love to know what your goals are to best support you on your journey to excellence :)

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