Nov. 11, 2022

3 Steps to Bounce Back From Burnout

3 Steps to Bounce Back From Burnout

In Ep.13 Bouncing Back From Burnout, I talk about the steps you can take to get back on your feet and focus on living to the fullest. In this blog post, I will break down 3 areas of focus to kickstart your recovery from burnout.

The Importance of Mindset

Before we dive into those areas of focus, I must break down the very first step to addressing burnout; employing a mindset of recovery and self-care. To bounce back from burnout you must be mentally ready to do it. Everything in life at some point comes down to mindset. So before you read any further, acknowledge that your body is due for a reset which means it is time to take care of yourself - your body, your mind, and everything in between. With a recovery mindset, you are now enabled to accelerate stage 1 of your recovery by addressing the following basic needs. 

Rest Up... You're Exhausted

To say sleep is important in your journey to recovery is an understatement. When you are burnt out, your body is overly exhausted meaning even the daily recommendation of 7-8hours of sleep per night may not be enough to get you back to feeling yourself. So rest up! Think of sleep as a way of resetting your body so start your nighttime routine early, replace Netflix with calm music or sleep meditation, and get to sleep. Recognize that it may take a few days or even weeks until you feel well-rested and that is completely okay. It's simply a sign that your body needs more rest! So listen to your signs of fatigue and sleep as much as you need to. 

Eat to Energize Your Body

When you're burnt out your body takes longer to get things done so you need food to sustain you throughout the day. This makes it important for you to eat consistently every day to minimize feeling lethargic. Not only are consistent meals important, but so are the choices of food you consume. There's nothing wrong with having pizza, ice cream, and cookies - they taste amazing and make you feel happy. So if that's what you are feeling then great, eat it! Simply make sure to also incorporate foods that will boost your performance. For example, make sure that your meals contain a variety of food groups.

Move Your Body in A Way You Love

Our bodies are not built to stay in the same position for long periods. They are built for activity. The reason we need to stay active is that it energizes us, sustains our overall health, and keeps us mobile. So find an activity you love that gets you off the couch whether that is attending a workout class, going for a walk, or playing a sport. Staying active when facing burnout is a great way to recharge and physically push your body out of its sluggish state. So use activity to boost your mood and make you feel alive again. And if you're struggling to find the motivation to get moving - get a workout body to keep you company!

For more insight on how you to get back to your best self, check out Ep.13 Bouncing Back From Burnout.