Dec. 16, 2022

3 Reasons to Change Up Your Fitness Regimen

3 Reasons to Change Up Your Fitness Regimen

In Ep.18 Adapting Your Fitness Regimen I talk about how to alter your fitness routine to suit different life stages. In this blog post, I will break down how to recognize when your fitness routine no longer suits your lifestyle, and it is time for a change. 

Perhaps you've worked out for at least a few months now and know your way around the gym. Or maybe you've been active your entire life and fitness is your lifestyle. You may be bored of your workouts or simply lost that initial excitement from getting your workouts in. Regardless, there comes a point in your fitness journey where you might be looking for a change and more importantly, your performance would benefit from a change in routine.

1. Breaking Fitness Plateaus

According to an article from One Medical, one of the top benefits of changing your fitness routine is that it helps you break through fitness plateaus. If you are struggling to lose weight or struggling to build muscle, it might be due to your fitness regimen. Though improper nutrition and rest could be more significant culprits, the influence of your fitness routine should not be discounted. Therefore, a break from your current routine could be just what you need to help you break through those plateaus. 

2. Reducing the Risk of Injury

Another benefit to changing your fitness routine is that it reduces the risk of injuries by preventing overtraining. If you are excessively training certain muscle groups, you're more likely to injure them because without proper rest and recovery you can impede muscle growth. So if you find that you are prone to injury, it could be a sign that you reduce your workouts and change up your routines.

3. Targeting New Muscle Groups

A third benefit to changing your workout routine is targeting new muscle groups. Even if your current routine is compound lift-focused, you are likely ignoring other muscle groups that though arguably less significant, are still beneficial to work on. Try to incorporate some isolation exercises from time to time and/or try variations of your compound lifts. For example, try dumbbell lateral raises in isolation and change your sumo deadlifts to a conventional style.

Now that we understand the advantages of changing up our workout routine, to learn step by step how to implement these changes check out Ep.18 Adapting Your Fitness Regimen on the podcast!