About the Show

Former competitive hockey player, Reyanna Lambie, brings to you Growth on the Daily, the podcast helping athletes overcome the challenges we face on the daily. As she embarks on her personal growth journey, she challenges current and former athletes to join her in becoming the best versions of themselves. Tune in weekly for a dose of motivation, inspiration, and insight on becoming more than an athlete.

Let's LEARN together... GROW together... THRIVE together!



Reyanna Lambie, Podcast Host & Producer

About the Host  

Reyanna Lambie, better known as Rey is a strategy consultant and fitness enthusiast devoted topersonal development. Her love for speaking, motivation, and connecting to others ignited her interest in podcasting. Growing up acompetitivehockey player surrounded by high performing athletes inspired her to make a difference in the athletic community. With Growth on the Daily, she hopes to inspire amateur and professional athletes to reach their full potential by motivating, guiding, and uniting them on their personal growth journeys.